Frequently Asked Questions…

1.     Why can’t I go back with my animal?
Planned Pethood is a non-profit veterinary clinic.  In order for us to offer low prices, we have to deal in volume.  This means that we have to do everything as efficiently as possible.  Our vet does surgeries throughout the day.  In between surgeries, the vet comes out and deals with all of the animals that have been brought to the back.


2.     Why does it take so long sometimes?
Our vet does surgeries throughout the day.  Between surgeries, the vet examines all the animals that have been brought back for shots or wellness.   Unfortunately, if a surgery is complicated or runs long – that means a delay in these exams.  Additionally, if there are further questions that have to be answered about your pet, the vet may be in another surgery before the questions have been asked.  This may cause a delay, but we want to make sure we all we can to develop the best treatment plan possible.

3.    Does a veterinarian do all of the surgeries?
Yes.  All surgeries are done by a veterinarian.  Our clinic is held to the same standards and the same inspections as any other veterinary clinic.  All surgery animals are attended to by a vet and a dedicated surgery vet tech through recovery.  In addition, animals who have surgery are given a shot of pain medication as part of the surgery at no additional charge.

4.    How many animals have you spayed/neutered?
In the last eight years, Planned Pethood has done in excess of 35,000 surgeries.

5.    Can my animal get a dental or specialty surgery without being altered?
No.  As part of our vision and mission statement, Planned Pethood believes strongly in spaying and neutering animals to help reduce the pet overpopulation crisis in this area.  To that end, we require that animals that are put under sedation at our clinic to be altered while they are there.  We understand that this is a personal choice and will gladly give any customer copies of diagnostics or records if they decide to go to another clinic for care.  

6.    Do you issue Health Certificates?
As of January 1, 2018, we have suspended the practice of issuing Health Certificates for the sale of puppies.  We are happy that there are responsible breeders who follow the law which requires a Health Certificate to sell a puppy.  However, we do not feel like it fits with our Mission Statement to affordably offer a service that makes it easier to breed dogs when there are thousands of rescue animals available that need forever homes.

7.    What is the best way to get in touch with someone at Planned Pethood?
Our phone number is 813-779-7000 and on a typical day – we receive well over 200 phone calls.  So, that makes it very hard to get through sometimes or excessively long hold times.  Another option is to contact us via email at  If you have to leave a message, we strive to return calls by the end of the business day.

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