You might not realize, but Planned Pethood Pasco is an active participant in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl.  We have taken an adoptable puppy every year since 2014!  Here are the stories of our Puppy Bowl Superstars!


It all started when Animal Planet reached out to us in 2013.  They extended the

invitation to travel to New York City with an adoptable puppy and participate in

the Puppy Bowl.  Betty was dropped off at the clinic shortly afterward and we

were off!  Today, Betty is a healthy, happy 4 year old girl who lives with the

clinic’s director in San Antonio, Florida!


                                       Our second year of being invited to Puppy Bowl, we selected Letty to                                           be our representative.  Letty is a full-blooded Boxer that was                                                         surrendered to the clinic.  The family who owned her parents could not                                         sell her because at birth she was too sickly to have her tail                                                           cropped.  Since Letty is a Boxer and has the smooshed nose, she is not allowed to fly.  So, we had to DRIVE her all the way to New York City for her to participate!  It was quite an adventure.

In 2016, Brooklyn was found in the Walmart parking lot in Zephyrhills.  A concerned

citizen brought her to Planned Pethood and our next Puppy Bowl star was born!  

                                    Brooklyn was such a funny, energetic puppy.  We knew she

                                    would be great in the Puppy Bowl.  We enjoyed Brooklyn so

                                    much and did not want to let her go.  But, we finally figured

                                    out that we couldn’t keep every Puppy Bowl star, so Brooklyn

                                    went to live with her new family after she got back from New York.  They live in Dade City so they still bring Brooklyn back to see us! 


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